Twitter is a great forum for moms to share their successes, laugh off their mistakes, and vent their frustrations. Through the millions of tweets sent out everyday, there are a few amazing gems that provide us insight into the lives of other moms. Whether they share anecdotes, provide their favorite tips, or joke about their days, Twitter is full of great parenting advice. Here are some parenting tips we love as told by moms on Twitter.

The Ten Best Moms To Follow On Twitter

Finding great parenting tips on Twitter can be a slug. Searching through hashtags and accounts look for those hidden nuggets of wisdom can take hours. So the best thing you can do is follow some great moms that are masters at parental advice.

Here are the ten best moms you can follow on Twitter right now:

The Best Parenting Advice As Told By Moms On Twitter 1. Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen: Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated model and new mom to a baby girl.

She has a fun, happy approach to motherhood, and most of her parenting tips come with a bit of humor. She also posts a lot of body positive messages and focuses on embracing the struggles of being a working mom.

2. Kristen Howerton @kristenhowerton:

Kristen Howerton is the author of the popular mommy blog Rage Against the Minivan.

Kristen Howerton’s Twitter is full of helpful advice from how to get your children engaged in learning and tips for being a better soccer mom, all while staying stylish and true to oneself.

3. Annie Apple @SurvivinAmerica:

Annie Apple is the mother of Eli Apple, the cornerback for the New York Giants. When she isn’t giving sports tips and cheering on her son, Annie Apple provides uplifting advice to mothers. Her inspirational parenting tips can make anyone feel empowered.

4. Jennifer Weiner @jenniferweiner:

Jennifer Weiner is a news personality and author. She loves positive thinking and her tweets encourage women to embrace love and family. She also tweets parenting advice on how to find a healthy balance between work and family.

5. Wendi Aarons @wendiaarons:

If you are looking for a great mommy comedian, you should definitely follow Wendi Aarons. She’s a comedic writer and self-proclaimed “curmudgeon” living in Austin, Texas. Her relatable tweets about motherhood deliver great parenting tips with a sense of humor.

6. Amy Flory @funnyisfamily:

Another great funny mom on Twitter is Amy Flory. Amy Flory is a mommy blogger from Connecticut who mixes tips like crockpot recipes and how to deal with tantrums with funny musings on the absurdities of motherhood.

7. Tricia Goyer @triciagoyer:

Tricia Goyer is a mother of three and an author of teen fiction. She has a traditional approach to parenting and her Twitter is loaded with great advice for homeschool parents and stay at home moms and daily affirmations about the importance of motherhood.


8. Jenna McCarthy @jennawrites:

Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published author who’s parenting tips come in the form of dealing with the daily struggles of motherhood.

Her funny tweets are often candid omissions of her trying to be the perfect mom but not quite getting there.

9. Josie @yumyucky:

Josie is a mother of four who is obsessed with working out. Her funny, encouraging tweets hold moms accountable for staying fit.

However, she understands the difficulties moms face so she shares amazing tips on how to stay in shape while chasing after your kids.



10. Kristen Bell @IMKristenBell:

Kristen BellKristen Bell is also a devoted mother of two and her Twitter is loaded with funny posts about motherhood. Her parenting advice comes from her daily experiences with her kids and she also shares a lot of ways moms can get active in charities focused on helping children.

As Told On Twitter

Once you’ve found some great moms to follow you will see that The Best Parenting Advice As Told By Moms On Twitter most parenting tips on Twitter are the product of the unique struggles each mom experiences in their daily lives.

From the funny tweets that make us feel normal in our struggles like:

To the touching inspirational tweets that help us find the strength to get through our day such as:

Twitter can be a great place to find great parenting tips as told by moms.