Finding healthy snacks that your kids will want to eat can be a challenge for any Mom. Luckily we at Ultimate Mom understand the struggle. We’ve scoured the Internet and put together a great list of 10 healthy snacks that your kids will love. These recipes are easy to make, feature nutritious food like fruits and vegetables, and are fun and colorful ways to get your kids to be excited eat healthy at snack time.

So the next time your kids are hungry for a snack, make them one of these fun recipes and they will keep coming back for more.

1. DIY Fruit Kabob                     2. Apple Cookies

10 Healthy Snack Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Coming Back For More

These fun fruit kabobs feature the healthy fruits your kids need in a way they will absolutely love. Use alphabet cookie cutters to spell out your kids names or their favorite words, or use even use fun shapes to make eating fruit more appealing. The best part about these kabobs is your kids can help make them and practice their spelling at the same time. All you need to make these fun kabobs is your favorite fruits, small cookie cutters, and skewer sticks. Find the instructions here:


10 Healthy Snack Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Coming Back For More

If your kid is a little cookie monster, these apple cookies might be the perfect healthy way to let them eat their favorite food without all the sugar. This recipe can be made in a snap. Simply take your kid’s favorite type of apple and cut it into thin slices. Then smother the slices in any nut butter, and top with chocolate chips, coconut, and nuts. These treats look and taste like cookies, but unlike regular cookies, apple cookies are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and protein to keep your kid healthy and happy. Learn more about apple cookies here:

3. Healthy Candy Bracelets     4. Monster Sandwiches


Healthy candy bracelets are a healthy snack and a fun craft project rolled into one. These clever little DIY bracelets are modeled after the candy necklaces every kid loves, but instead of candy, they are made from dried fruits and cereal. To make them you just need a sewing needle, thread, and an assortment of healthy foods like dried bananas, yogurt raisins, and Cheerios. The best part is your kids can help make these fun treats. Find the instructions here:

10 Healthy Snack Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Coming Back For More

Monster sandwiches are a creative way to make a boring sandwich fun for any kid. They are also a great snack to pack in your kid’s lunchbox. Simply use cookie cutters to make the face and olives for the googly eyes, you can turn any sandwich into a fun snack. The best part is you can use any of your kid’s favorite sandwich fixings to make them. Check out how to make monster sandwiches here:

5. Paleo Skittles                      6. Lunchbox Sushi Sandwich


These colorful candies are made with fruits and vegetables. These colorful candies are loaded with essential nutrients and are a delicious way to trick your kids into eating their veggies. Plus with this simple recipe you aren’t limited to any color or flavor, so you can easily be creative with what colors to feature in your rainbow. Find this recipe here:


Sushi is a pretty advanced flavor for kids, however sushi sandwiches are a healthy and accessible way to introduce your kids to sushi by using their favorite sandwich fixings. Sushi sandwiches make snack time even more fun because it’s a great way to help your kids practice their chopstick skills. Check out how to make sushi sandwiches here:

7. Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark  8. Ladybug Caprese Bites


Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark is a perfect healthy snack to beat the heat during the summer. Using yogurt, fruit, and granola to mimic chocolate bark, this frozen treat looks just like a tasty chocolate bark. The best part is your kids can easily make this 3-ingredient snack themselves with just a little supervision. So they’ll be even more excited to eat when snack time rolls around. Check out how to make this colorful bark here:




What kid doesn’t love ladybugs? This recipe makes a healthy adult favorite accessible for your kids. Cut cherry tomatoes covered in dots of balsamic vinegar make the body of the ladybug. Then the tomatoes placed on top of a basil leaf, making this one adorably realistic snack. These are a little more time consuming, but well worth it when your kids swoon over these cute little ladybugs. They are also great snack to serve at birthday parties and play dates, because it’s something both kids and adults will enjoy:

9. Rainbow Veggie Skewers

10 Healthy Snack Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Coming Back For More

Rainbow veggie skewers are a great way to get your kids interested in eating their vegetables. Bright colored veggies are stacked in rainbow order and then thrown on the grill to bring out their flavors.

These fun skewers are a great way for kids to practice their colors while eating nutritious vegetables. They take a little prep time but can easily be made in large batches for quick snacking. To find out how to make rainbow veggie skewers check out:

10. Peanutty Teddy Bear

peanutty-teddy-bearFinally, the peanutty teddy bear is a quick and easy twist on the classic peanut butter sandwich. With a little fruit and a cookie cutter you can turn this simple sandwich into a cuddly teddy bear.

If you want to get extra creative, you can also make any other animals your imagination can think up. Check out the simple instructions here so you can bring a little extra cute to your kid’s snack time: