There are millions of craft ideas online which makes finding something your kid will love seem impossible. However here at Ultimate Mom, we have done the footwork for you and found five great DIY crafts your kids will love. These crafts for kids will provide your children with hours of fun crafting time and the best part about all of them is that once craft time is over and your kids have finished making them, they can still find hours of entertainment playing with them.

So the next time you are looking for a fun creative craft project for your kids, check out these great projects:

1. Glow In The Dark Bouncy Balls


This fun project takes some common household products to make a classic toy that can be played with day or night.

This craft is especially great if your kids love science because it relies on chemistry to make a bouncing polymer.

Be sure to visit this website to learn how to create your own bouncy balls:

2. DIY Mini Foosball Table


Foosball is a really fun game, but unfortunately foosball tables can be pretty expensive.

Luckily, this fun DIY project can help your kids build a super affordable foosball table they can play with for hours.

Find out how to create this mini foosball game by visiting this website:

3. Gone Fishing

5 DIY Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Gone fishing is a great game your kids will enjoy making. They will have a blast designing all the fish and can make as many as they want. Then when they’re done they’ll spend hours perfecting their fishing skills.

Visit this website to learn how to create this super fun game for your kids:

4. I Spy Bottle


The I spy bottle is simple to put together and uses items found around the house.

It’s a great craft to make before taking a long road trip because once completed it will provide hours of entertainment.

Learn how to put together this simple game for your kids by visiting this website:

5. Zappy Zoomers


Zappy Zoomers are a fun toy that really flies.

Your kids will love putting these together then spending hours making them soar through the air.

Learn how to make this super fun craft by visiting this website:

Any kid will love these great crafts. So gather up your supplies, round up your kids, and get to crafting!