Every Mom has their own unique style of parenting, but all can be narrowed down to five main types. You’ll meet these moms on the playground or at school functions, and though they are all different, you can learn something new from every type.

We love to celebrate all types of Moms no matter what their quirks are, we want to be like all five of them.

1. The Pinterest Perfect Mom

The 5 Types Of Moms And How To Be Like All Of Them

Everyone knows this mom. Her Instagram is filled with professional looking pictures of her kids wearing the latest fashions, sporting the trendiest hairstyles. They bring pastry chef-inspired treats to bake sales and DIY all the decor for their homes. The Pinterest Perfect Mom can be incredibly intimidating.

They seem to have all the time in the world and the domestic skills of Martha Stewart. Everything they do seems too perfect and can sometimes make the rest of us feel inadequate.

However, the Pinterest Perfect Mom is truly inspiring. Usually she is an artistic person who’s found a way to include her children into her passion to create. She’s not afraid to try and though we only ever see her successes, she’s had as many Pinterest fails as anyone else. The difference is she keeps going and shares her successes so that other moms know it is possible. What we can learn from the Pinterest Perfect Mom is to always aim for perfection and try our hardest, because we may just surprised ourselves at how good we are at doing things.

2. The All Natural Mom

The All Natural Mom is obsessed with everything healthy. She makes kid-friendly gluten free vegan snacks, has a blog on up-cycled crafts for kids, and knows everything there is to know about health and nutrition. Her kids wear sustainable fabrics and she leads programs on recycling and is passionately dedicated to passing on a healthy planet to the next generation.

The All Natural Mom can sometimes seem like a scold because of her fierce dedication to organic foods and natural living, when all we want is for her to admit that sometimes she goes to McDonald’s like the rest of us.

In spite of this, the All Natural Mom is really an amazing woman. She loves her children so much that she is determined that they should have the very best quality of everything. She reads constantly and is conscientious about her impact on the planet and her children.

The All Natural Mom inspires us to be more diligent about what we expose our children to and to fight for the best world for them to grow up in. She can teach us about making good choices and how to do the right thing rather than the easy thing.

3. The Hot Mess Mom

The Hot Mess Mom always seems to be constantly losing control. She shows up to PTA meetings late in stained sweatpants with her hair a mess. Her kids are often seen wearing un-matching socks with food on their faces.

She always seems overwhelmed, exhausted, and just done with the whole thing. Most of the time, we feel bad for the Hot Mess Mom and may even feel superior for having it together better.

However, the Hot Mess Mom is probably the most relatable of all types of Moms.

Between juggling kids, chores, work, and everything else, we understand how a mom can become a mess. The Hot Mess Mom can teach us a lot, like how to let things go and not sweat the small stuff.

They tend to focus on the most important parts of motherhood and don’t really care what other people think of them. They also usually have a great sense of humor and can really help us to embrace our flaws and encourage us to stop trying so hard to do everything perfect.

4. The Tiger Mom

Tiger Moms are tough, focused, and disciplined. Their children are usually burgeoning prodigies, straight A students, and incredibly hard workers. Tiger Moms stick to tight schedules and demand excellence from their children. They also tend to always have a serious demeanor and seem really unapproachable.

Sometimes Tiger Moms can appear to be overbearing and hard on their children. We see their intensity and just wish they’d lighten up and let their kids just be kids.

However, there’s so much more to Tiger Moms than just being strict disciplinarians. Under their tough exteriors, they are just as kindhearted and loving as all the other types of Moms.

Tiger Moms are incredibly supportive and willing to sacrifice everything to help their children succeed. Their dedication to their children is massively impressive and they can teach us to how to support our children in a way they will be sure to flourish.

5. The Has It All Mom

We all know this mom and would secretly hate her if she weren’t so nice. Her and her dedicated husband just got back from a romantic couples trip to Tuscany, she runs her own company, her kids are well behaved, and she always looks like a supermodel.

She manages to find time between all of that to still host play dates and get manicures–while most of us can’t even remember the last time we even had a moment to ourselves. The Has It All Mom seems to set impossible mom standards leaving us to wonder if she’s even real.

Though she usually inspires a mixture of jealousy and admiration, the Has It All Mom is usually just an A type with a good support network who’s figured out the perfect balance in her life. The Has It All Mom can really help us understand the tricks to maintaining a good schedule and maximizing our time, so we can give 100% to all our responsibilities. She can inspire us to find a great life balance and teach us some tips to stay energized and motivated.

Every type of Mom can teach us something about motherhood. So don’t be afraid to try to be like all five types of Moms. Their styles of parenting may be different, but they are all inspiring.