Crafts are a staple of summer fun activities. So why not use summer craft time to put your kids to work on their school supplies for next year. Simply get the list of supplies they will need from their school and then your kids can begin crafting all the things they’ll need next year. School supply crafts will entertain your kids, save you money, and give them something to show off to their classmates in the new school year. Making school supplies is the perfect summer crafts for kids. Here is a list of our 10 favorite kid-friendly school supply crafts.

1. Up-Cycled Cookie Wrapper Pencil Case

This project is perfect for your eco-friendly kids, cookie-obsessed kids, and kids who love to sew. This project is a little more difficult and requires the use of an iron and sharp sewing needles, so it’s recommended for kids who are a little older.

Find out how to make this eco-friendly craft by visiting this website:

2. Fun Shaped Crayons

Summer Craft Project: 10 School Supply Crafts For Kids

This project is for younger kids who need crayons at school. The best part is you can finally use up all those broken and half-used crayon lying around the house. However, since this craft project requires using the oven, you will have to assist your kids.

Visit this website to learn how to make this fun crayon project:

3. Homemade School Glue

Making school glue is a fun way to save money, use those old glue bottles, and experiment in the kitchen. This requires cooking on the stove so it’s better for older kids or a project made together.

Please visit this website to learn how to make this super fun project:

4. DIY Cereal Box Notebooks

This is a great way to recycle all your old cereal boxes. What’s really fun about these notebooks is you can custom the size, shape, and the type of paper you use inside so you can make exactly what your kids need for the school year.

Visit this website to learn how to make this cool notebook:

5. DIY Mechanical Pencils

These personalized mechanical pencils are a super easy craft that children of any age can do on their own. The best part is that you can finally use all that leftover craft paper lying around the house.

Learn how to make this personalized project by visiting this website:

6. Confetti Pencils

Confetti pencils are a simple way kids of any age can personalize their pencils. This is a fun project to do together, because you’ll also want these charming pencils for your office.

Surprise your kids with this super fun craft by visiting this website:

7. Notebook Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great option for kids who love to check out library books or are constantly bringing home school crafts and need a little extra toting ability. These totes fold up easily and can be kept inside a backpack for whenever your kid might need them.

Visit this website to learn how to make this super cool tote bag:

8. Reusable Duct Tape Lunch Bags

If you pack your kid’s lunches, these duct tape lunch bags are a cute way to preserve your kid’s favorite lunch items. There are so many fun colors and patterns of duct tape now available at craft stores that you and your child can go crazy on the design. Also since they are reusable, they will save you money on costly sandwich baggies.

Are your kids ready for school? Learn how to make these lunch bags by visiting this website:

9. DIY Reusable Milk Jug Boxes

Another great up-cycled project for our kid’s lunch boxes are reusable milk jug boxes. These boxes are the perfect size to hold sandwiches or your kid’s favorite lunch box items.

Learn how to make this up-cycled project by visiting this website:

10. Recycled Soda Bottle Apples

Summer Craft Project: 10 School Supply Crafts For Kids

The apple-shaped containers are great for kids to store items or as a gift for their teacher, so you should definitely make a couple!

Do you have a lot of soda bottles lying around? Visit this website to learn what to do with them:

These fun school supply crafts are a great way for you and your kid to spend the summer. Most of these crafts use recycled materials and everyday objects you already have around the house, so they will also save you money come early Fall when it’s time to shop for school. So get your kids together and let your creativity flow!