We often check our horoscopes to gain insights on our career, love life, and personalities, so why not look at them to provide insight to our parenting style? Whether you believe in astrology or not, learning more about the quirks of your sign can help you figure out who you are as a parent.

So even if you just like astrology for the fun of self-exploration or you believe it to be true, your sign can give you insights on your parenting.

What Your Zodiac Sign Means For Your Parenting Style

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn parents are very ambitious and extremely intelligent. As mothers, they are the glue that holds the family closely together and keeps everything and everyone organized. Capricorn moms are usually those impressive A types that seem to just have it all. By nature, Capricorns are the providers of the astrological signs so they make extremely reliable and dutiful parents.

Capricorn mothers focus a lot on instilling strong family values into their kids and challenge to do always do their best. They will fight tenaciously to make sure their children have all the opportunities for success. However, sometimes Capricorn moms can be a little too serious and overly focused on achieving their goals. This can put a lot of pressure on their children, so Capricorn moms need to remind themselves to take time out to relax and just have fun with their kids.

Strengths: Patient, thoughtful, consistent
Weaknesses: Anxious, pessimistic, overly serious

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarians are the most unconventional sign on the astrological chart. Aquarian mothers are usually the cool, bohemian Moms who spent time after college volunteering with the Peace Corps. They are forward thinkers, humanitarians, and are always chasing the latest innovations and trends. Aquarians instill strong social and political values in their children. They are also constantly exposing their children to new ideas and different cultures. Aquarians are incredibly passionate about raising their children to be social leaders and creative geniuses, and will give them the freedom to explore their passions. On the flip side, Aquarians can be incredibly emotionally distant, cold, and unpredictable. They also have issues setting boundaries with their children because they hate being the disciplinarians. So Aquarians mothers, need to always remind themselves that kids need structure and nurturing to develop not just new ideas.

Strengths: Open-minded, creative, fair
Weaknesses: Emotionally detached, unstable, too permissive

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is one of the most loving, nurturing signs. They tend to be the moms everyone goes to with their problems for emotional support and comfort. They provide warm, emotionally supportive homes for their children, where they are allowed to express themselves openly.

They also focus on helping children foster their creativity and explore the farthest reaches of their imaginations. Pisces can also be incredibly protective of their children; you will often see their ferocious mommy lion come out when they feel their children are in trouble. Pisces moms are also incredibly sensitive which can lead to some difficult struggles for their children. When they are upset, they can be manipulative and withholding of their love. So Pisces need to remember to always check their ego, so they stay emotionally consistent with their children.

Strengths: Compassionate, nurturing, imaginative
Weaknesses: Manipulative, oversensitive, withholding

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac so they tend to be the leaders of their household. Aries moms are great at setting boundaries and keeping their kids on track. Aries mom are usually the tough, but fair moms with well-behaved charismatic children. They are extremely independent and unapologetic for taking time for themselves, a value they instill in their children. They are also masters at finding the perfect work-life balance. What makes Aries moms so amazing can also be their downside. Their self-confidence can sometimes make them very competitive and prone to bursts of anger. They can have tough relations with their children while they are growing up, but once their children are grown, they always end up being best friends. Aries moms have to be careful about taking things too far. They need to occasionally remind themselves there is a difference between being a Tiger Mom and a control freak.

Strengths: Strong, confident, self-aware
Weaknesses: Competitive, anger, self-centered

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus moms are stable and guided by common sense. They are highly determined and great at sticking to a routine. They are usually the moms that give frank, matter of fact advice when it comes to solving problems. They are really good at helping their children find ways to achieve their goals and are always there in a crisis.

Taurus moms are also tastemakers, so they tend to be the mom at the playground with the newest designer purse or have the latest smartphone. However, it’s no coincidence that the bull represents Taurus’ sign, because they can be very stubborn and moody. Taurus moms can also become a little too materialistic, constantly worrying about keeping up with the Joneses and often raising spoiled children. Taurus moms just need to remember to not overindulge their kids and give them a little slack in a disagreement.

Strengths: Stable, hardworking, sensible
Weaknesses: Materialistic, vain, moody

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini moms are adventurous, spontaneous, and fun. They are typically the moms with the latest technological gadgets and are the first to wear the newest trends. Gemini moms are always the “cool mom” who seems ten years younger than everyone else. They constantly encourage their children’s curiosity and creative spirit, and will explore any interest or passion with them. This leads to really tight relationship between Gemini moms and their kids. In fact, they are usually best friends with their kids and you can find them hanging out together all the time. However, since Gemini’s love to be friends with their children they struggle sometimes with setting boundaries. They also get extremely bored in routine. Gemini moms need to remember to not get so wrapped up in being their child’s friend that they forget to be their parent.

Strengths: Curious, open-minded, creative
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, impatient, poor listener

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is the most nurturing of all the signs. So Cancer moms have strong maternal instincts and trustworthy intuition. As natural nurturers, they devote themselves entirely to their family, especially their children. They are very sensitive and great at recognizing when something is wrong with their children. Their abundant affection helps their children grow up to be strong, emotionally secure adults. Cancer moms are also fiercely protective and will fight for their children if they ever feel they are even remotely threatened. Often times though this intense drive to nurture can lead Cancer moms to be extremely overprotective. Their sensitive nature can also lead them to have some pretty serious mood swings that can be intense for their children. Cancer moms always need remember to give their children some space to make their own mistakes.

Strengths: Sensitive, comforting, devoted
Weaknesses: Fearful, jealous, overprotective

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is the most energetic sign of the zodiac, so Leo moms really keep up with their kids. They are playful, imaginative, and always leading the family in exciting activities. Leo moms are usually running their kids between 20 different after school activities, most of which they themselves volunteer at. They are natural leaders, so they are also great at setting boundaries and making sure everyone in the family is having a good, safe time. They instill a strong sense of confidence in their children and always help them see the bright side of life. Unfortunately, Leo moms are also very dramatic, and with their intense amount of energy, they can overreact to almost anything if triggered. They can also be so positive that they can be naive about some of the more negative things in life. Leo need to make sure that when dealing with their children, they aren’t being dramatic and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Strengths: Playful, confident, positive
Weaknesses: Dramatic, naive, self-centered

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo moms are easily the most knowledgeable moms at the playground. They know everything about parenting from first aid to childhood development to what toys are best for learning math. They are extremely intelligent, calm, and detail oriented. Virgo moms live for order and are probably the most organized moms you’ll ever meet. They are also total health nuts and typically found with homemade organic snacks in their purse. They focus on teaching their children to be self-disciplined and thoughtful. However, Virgo moms tend to be extremely fastidious and can come off uptight and anal-retentive. They believe strongly in doing things perfectly, so they can come off as judgmental, especially about the way others parent. Virgo moms need to remember to relax sometimes, because holding their children to such high standards can cause them to feel inadequate.

Strengths: Organized, healthy, intelligent
Weaknesses: Judgmental, critical, self-righteous

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libras are the most patient of the astrological signs and their patience defines how they interact with their children. Libra moms are great at laughing off mistakes and always encourage their children to try again when they’ve failed. They also have refined taste and focus on quality when it comes to buying things for their children. Libra moms hospitable and love showing off their perfectly decorated home. They are usually the first to volunteer to host play dates. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be too easygoing and have a hard time taking things seriously, which can lead to emotional coldness and indecision. They are also the snobs of the parenting world, judging others for their lack of good taste. Since they are so laid back, Libra moms can be too inconsistent sometimes with their children, and need to remember to have clearly defined boundaries when it matters.

Strengths: Patient, refined, calm
Weaknesses: Snobbish, vain, distant

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are determined, assertive, and stubborn. Scorpios are usually Tiger Moms and are completely in charge of their household. Though always fair-minded, Scorpios have no time for nonsense. They are extremely independent and don’t care what others think about them. Scorpio moms are not as social as some of the other moms on the playground and when they do show up they are quick to take charge. They raise their children to be tough, brave, and competitive. Though it can be hard sometimes for them to connect with other parents, when they do Scorpios are extremely loyal and will be the first in line to help out. Their power can be overwhelming sometimes, so they tend to come off as obsessed control freaks. They are also emotionally inconsistent and quick to temper. Scorpio moms need to remind themselves to let the reins loose sometimes and let their kids make their own decisions.

Strengths: Strong, resilient, intuitive
Weaknesses: Controlling, paranoid, obsessive

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Sagittarians are generous, fun, and have a great sense of humor. They are extremely adventurous and love traveling and exposing their children to new things. They value freedom above anything else and instill their children with an independent spirit. Sagittarian moms also value knowledge and learning among everything else and have high expectations for their children’s education. Fortunately for their children, they usually bring a sense of fun and excitement to learning and can quickly get their kids interested in any subject. However, Sagittarians love freedom so much they sometimes ignore the rules and end up coming off impatient and rude. They never hold their tongue, and their honesty can sometimes be brutal. So Sagittarian moms need to remember to be diplomatic with their children, so they don’t end up accidentally hurting their feelings by being too honest.

Strengths: Humorous, adventurous, wit
Weaknesses: Blunt, crude, impatient

Your astrological sign has a lot to say about your parenting style. By studying our signs, we can learn more about ourselves and how to interact with our children. They can help us understand both our strengths and our weakness and guide us to become the best parents we can be.