How To Make Your Mommy Style A “Do”

How To Make Your Mommy Style A “Do”

A lot changes after we have kids. We get so busy that sometimes we forget to take time to take care of ourselves and present our best face to the world. Most of the time we just default into a comfy, stain resistant look, with our hair in a quick ponytail. Unfortunately, this look does nothing for our self-confidence and if we don’t feel confident, how can we ever expect our children to feel confident? It’s important to take care of yourself so you can be at your best everyday. So here are some tips on taking your mommy style from a “don’t” to a “do.”

Embrace Your Mommy Body

How To Make Your Mommy Style A “Do”One of the biggest things that stand in the way of our fashion is that we do not embrace our new bodies. We long for the days before we had children when we had a tight waist and no cellulite. We convince ourselves that with our mommy bodies, good fashion was something of our past. However, nothing could be further than the truth. Your body is as beautiful as it ever has been and instead of rejecting it, you should embrace the changes. Instead of wishing you could wear the cute things you did in the past, learn what cute things you can wear with your new figure. You’d be surprised at some of the adorable clothes you can pull off with your mom bod. So start by learning how to dress your new body.

Here is a great body guide from Who What Wear that showcases what every body type can wear and includes example pieces from the latest trends.

Ditch The Clothes That Don’t Fit

Once you know what types of clothing will look great on your mommy bod, it’s time to ditch the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. These clothes do nothing for your self-esteem and only serve as a reminder of an unrealistic beauty standard. So go through your closet and pull out the things that you’ll never wear again and donate them to a local thrift store. While you are in there, make sure to grab your maternity clothes if you aren’t planning on another pregnancy. We spend a lot on these clothes but they look terrible on non-pregnant bodies.

If going through your closet seems like an overwhelming endeavor, you should check out the KonMari Method. Celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Hudson to Jamie Lee Curtis swear by it. This simple method teaches you how to only hang on to the things that are truly inspiring, so it is great for your mommy wardrobe transition.

Find Inspiration For Your New Style

There are so many mommy role models between amazing celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Beyonce, and Sarah Jessica Parker and mommy style bloggers like Chriselle Lim from the Chriselle Factor, to Ivory Lane from The Ivory Lane, and Folake Kuye Huntoo from Style Pantry who can inspire you to find your personal mommy style. These women show us that style is for every woman and not just the young and childless. Once you are inspired, consider what you already have in your closet that can be worked into a new look. Then buy a few coordinating pieces to jump-start your new style. These don’t have to be anything flashy, they can just be some well tailored basics that you can mix and match. However, if you find something you love, don’t be afraid to go bold. There’s no one look for moms.

Upgrade Your Footwear And Accessories

How To Make Your Mommy Style A “Do”

Accessories are half the battle when it comes to style. A simple t-shirt and jeans with a cute bag and great shoes can make for a killer mommy ensemble. Upgrade your boring diaper bag for a stylish tote that can be used after you’re baby has outgrown diapers. Think about simple things you can quickly throw on that will work with baby like stud earrings, scarves, and bangles. These items will take your outfit to the next level. Then make sure you trade your sneakers and flip flops out for more stylish comfortable alternatives like flats, sandals, and booties. If you are really worry about comfort when chasing the kids around all day, invest in a good pair of insoles that can make any shoe feel like a sneaker.

Don’t Forget Your Undergarments

Good style starts with a good foundation. Now we all may want to go back to the days when we wore sexy matching underwear and bra sets. However, we need good support from our underwear now, especially if we want to look our best. That doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to granny panties though. There’s another alternative. First you should go get fitted for a new bra at local lingerie store. The bras before you had children and your maternity bras won’t offer the support you need now. Then find some coordinating underwear with higher waists that can hold your tummy. Consider some cute vintage styles that are incredibly flattering on mommy bodies, they are sexy and supportive.

Top If Off With A Cute Coif

Once you have your look put together, you want to add the final piece: A great hairstyle. Ponytails are the go to hairstyle for moms. However, there are some other low maintenance options that look more put together. First you can opt for a shorter hair cut, something like a modern lob. Second you can invest in a weekly blowout. It’s a little more expensive and requires you taking a bit of me time, but good blowout will give you glamour girl hair for a week with minimal upkeep. Finally, you can trade out your ponytail for an easy up-do. Pinterest is full of easy up-dos, some take less than a few minutes. The best part about a quick up-do is they can last a couple days. So not only will you look more put together, but also you will ultimately save time.

So instead of resigning yourself to sweatpants and sneakers, treat yourself right. Your new mommy body is amazing and there is no reason you shouldn’t be dressed as cute as your kids. So take a little time for yourself, embrace your new body, and find a look that works for you.