Blogging is a great way to share knowledge, build a supportive community, and develop your marketable skills. Mommy blogs in particular are extremely popular because moms are always looking for great recipes, crafts for kids, and new ways to help them connect with their children. Plus, with easy-to-use, affordable blogging platforms like and, as well as, drag and drop web design companies like and, it is really simple to start a blog nowadays. So if you have been thinking about blogging or are just curious about the benefits, we have put together a guide on why you should start your own mommy blog.

Record Family Stories

Currently, 3.9 million moms blog as a way to record and share their family’s journey. Mom blogs offer a permanent place where you can journal about your family’s adventures, share pictures and videos, and record your experiences. A well-curated mom blog can help you preserve your family’s stories and easily share your memories with friends, extended family members, and your children. So rather than just keeping a dusty old photo album, you can develop a blog to record all the details of your family’s important moments. So, one day, you can easily go back and relive some of these great experiences. So rather than think about mommy blogs as a way to write great articles or even sell products, think about how they are a digital scrapbook that chronicles your family’s life.

Share Your Knowledge

Why You Should Start A Mommy Blog

20.8 million moms regularly read mom blogs as a way to get some great parenting tips, find new products, and learn some fun ideas for spending quality time with their kids. As Moms, we pick up a lot of knowledge. Between what recipes to make for our picky eaters, what to do if our child throws a tantrum in public, and what is the best glue for construction paper. By raising our children, we basically become encyclopedias of parental wisdom. So why not put all that knowledge to good use and pass it on to other moms? You may be concerned that you will not know what to say if you started a blog, but trust us, your daily life as parent will provide enough material that you will never run out of great things to share.

Why You Should Start A Mommy BlogConnect With Other Moms

87.1 million moms use social media platforms. 86% of all the time they spend online is spent on social media sites connecting with others. So there is a massive community of moms looking to connect with other moms. As we all know, it can be hard sometimes to meet and connect with other moms. Often our busy lives, locations, and interests make it difficult to find moms with whom we truly share a connection. Starting a mommy blog is a great way to reach out to other moms. With your blog you can build a community with other mommy bloggers and readers, make new friends, and network with other moms that share your same interests. These online connections can easily grow into real life friendships. So starting a mommy blog is a great way to connect with other moms.


Spread Awareness For A Cause

Moms spend an average of 3 hours a day online so there is immense opportunity to spread awareness for a particular cause. Whether you have a child with unique needs, believe strongly in a certain approach to parenting, or work with a great charity, you can reach millions of moms with a single blog post. A mommy blog is a great opportunity to share stories and knowledge about the social causes you care about and inspire other people to get involved and help.

Develop Your Marketable Skills

There are currently 6.7 million jobs in the tech industry and growing. A mommy blog is a great way to learn and develop some new tech skills. With your blog you can pick up some skills like basic web design, online marketing, and graphic design. As your blog grows you will develop and hone these skills into marketable talents that can lead to some great job opportunities in the tech industry. Also, you may find you have great writing or photography skills that could also lead to potential job opportunities.

Plus if you are a stay-at-home mom, when you finally reenter the workforce, a mommy blog is a great thing to show potential employers to display your work ethic and practical skills.

Make Some Extra Income

Why You Should Start A Mommy BlogMoms spend 2 trillion dollars a year and 63% believe that word of mouth recommendations are the trust-worthiest way to find out about new products. So there is a lot of opportunity with your blog to make a little extra money for your family. If you can build a dedicated readership with a lot of website traffic, you could generate a little money through some advertising revenue and brand endorsements. Though most mommy blogs do not generate revenue and those that do, make simply a second income after years of development, there is potential there if you want.

Mommy blogs are a great way to record your memories, build a great community of moms, and develop some future business opportunities. So you should definitely consider starting your own mommy blog. Even if you think that you do not have the skills or are worried you might not have anything to say, there’s no reason to not jump in and try it. Once you get going, you might find that you really enjoy the process of documenting your family’s experiences and sharing your knowledge with other moms.