13 Best Essential Apps For Moms

We live in the Information Age, which is amazing because it means there are apps for literally everything. You can use your phone to discover new workout routines, identify the ripest melons in the produce aisle, and even get some much needed quality relaxation time in. However, it can also be totally overwhelming to sift through millions of search results and thousands of user reviews. Not to mention, if your goal to improve your productivity with an app, the process of finding one is completely counter-productive.

You’re in luck though, because we’ve put together a comprehensive list of thirteen must-have apps for mothers everywhere.

1. Best App For Meal-Planning: Pepperplate

In the meal-planning category, Pepperplate definitely takes the cake. It’s a free, cross-platform app with a user-friendly interface that allows you to organize recipes, plan meals, and build shopping lists. It even offers cooking tips and timers for those of us who aren’t natural Martha Stewarts. In a very Pinterest-like fashion, you can seamlessly import recipe ideas from the web or manually enter that faded index card with Nana’s Famous Mac & Cheese scrawled on both sides. From there, you can create shareable menus and generate grocery lists.

Pepperplate is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Store, Android Marketplace, Nook, Amazon, and online. To learn more about Pepperplate visit https://www.pepperplate.com.


2. Best App For Couponing: ShopSavvy

13 Best Essential Apps For Moms

Widely heralded as the “best of the best” when it comes to coupon apps, ShopSavvy uses your phone or tablet’s camera to scan barcodes and presents you with a wealth of information about that product. Most notably, ShopSavvy will tell you where you can purchase an item at the lowest price, either locally or online. To grab even more deals with ShopSavvy, you can search the app or visit their website and see what stores are having big sales.

ShopSavvy is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones and tablets. To learn more about ShopSavvy visit http://shopsavvy.com.

3. Best App For Task Management: Wunderlist

When it comes to “to-do” list apps, there are millions to choose from, but our pick Wunderlist consistently ranks higher than them all. Like Pepperplate, Wunderlist is free to use and available on a variety of platforms and devices. The options of how to use this app are endless, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the minimalistic and, frankly, pretty interface.

Like most to-do apps, Wunderlist makes it easy to create, categorize, and prioritize your tasks. Collaborating with friends and family is also a breeze. But this app’s standout feature is the ability to add sub-tasks, notes, and more, and it does all that with style. “Plan Bobby’s Birthday Party” becomes an organized project timeline with smaller, manageable tasks like “Order Cake” and “Hang Streamers” so you can be less stressed and more productive.

Wunderlist is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon, Chromebook, and online. To learn more about Wunderlist visit https://www.wunderlist.com.

4. Best App For Chore Delegation: Chorma

Chorma is part-game, part-to-do-list. It enables everyone in your household to work together on a list of chores, delegate specific tasks, and track individual progress.

So not only does Chroma allow you to see which chores have been completed or not, you can also keep an eye on who’s doing or not doing what. Plus it’s attractive and easy to use at any age!

If you find Chorma isn’t right for you, and you don’t mind paying $5, you might also check out HomeRoutines found at http://www.homeroutines.com. It doesn’t offer the collaborative functions that Chroma does, but it does come with built-in “Focus Zones,” so you can add tasks for specific areas of your house and prioritize different zones throughout the month.

Chorma is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, and Android phones and tablets. To learn more about Chorma visit http://www.chorma.com.

5. Best App For Scheduling: Calendars 5

Trying to find a well-rounded scheduling app in such a flooded marketplace can be exhausting, but Calendars 5 always ranks very well. In fact, its developers say it “has a sole purpose of making your life easier.” Doesn’t that sound nice? Its one con is that it’s only available for Apple users. If that’s not a deal breaker though, you can get rid of that planner you’ve been lugging around and get ready to up your calendaring game.

Calendars 5 offers new and impressively intuitive ways to make events and effective reminders. In a rush, you can simply put “Pick up Kathy from practice on Thursday,” and the app will intuitively make the event. Editing details is made easy with a drag-and-drop feature, and you can also customize alerts, set up recurring events, send invitations to others, and view your upcoming schedule in a number of ways.

Calendars 5 is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. To learn more about Calendars 5 visit: https://readdle.com/products/calendars5.

6. Best App For Document Management: CareZone

A favorite among healthcare providers, CareZone makes the list because in today’s world, it just makes sense to keep all your family’s important documents centralized and mobile.

CareZone is a cross-platform app that offers its users a secure and easily accessible place to store and share critical materials like emergency numbers, medical information, and more.

Other notable features of CareZone include a journal where you can privately record symptoms and updates as well as a calendar for medical appointments and prescription refills. You can even opt to receive news updates with helpful tips on health and wellbeing for you and your loved ones.

CareZone is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones and tables. To learn more about CareZone visit: https://carezone.com/home.

7. Best App For Parenting Help: Happy Kids Timer

In a league all its own, Happy Kids Timer is a unique app that offers Moms some much-needed support during the morning routine. Parents can set tasks with timeframes for their kids to accomplish like “brush your teeth” or “pack your bag.” When the kiddos complete each item, they receive in-app stars that are tallied until the child meets the goal to get a real-world reward. Happy Kids Timer is obviously a fun motivator for kids, but its functionality is a real winner for us adults who sometimes need an extra hand to keep things moving smoothly in the morning.

Happy Kids Timer is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones and tablets. To learn more about Happy Kids Timer visit: http://www.kidssmartzone.com.

8. Best App For Digital Scrapbooking: Keepy

Keepy markets itself as a “digital refrigerator door” where you can safely and digitally store children’s artwork. Keepy separates itself from other photo apps by allowing users to add video comments and voiceovers that are easily shared with friends and relatives.

Free to use, Keepy offers a way to digitally preserve your family memories with a variety of special features like timelines for each family member and printing services so you can create a one-of-a-kind photo gift.

Keepy is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire, and online. To learn more about Keepy visit: https://www.keepy.me.

9. Best App For Fashion: Polyvore

This is a lesser-known app that is just for Moms. Polyvore is an easy-to-use social commerce site where fashionistas around the world upload the latest clothing trends and mix-and-match possible outfits. Polyvore’s search function is the biggest benefit for busy mothers who may struggle to find the time to shop for themselves. Let’s say you are in desperate need of a new pair of black flats, but you haven’t made it to your local shoe store in months. Furthermore, your local shoe store doesn’t always carry what you’re after. Polyvore takes the hassle out of shopping by offering an extraordinary search capability with a variety of filters so you can very quickly find exactly what you want. Simply type in “flats,” and narrow by color, size, price, and more!

Polyvore is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets and online. To learn more about Polyvore visit: http://www.polyvore.com.

10. Best App For Budgeting: You Need A Budget

Next on the list is the all-important budgeting app category. You Need a Budget (also affectionately known as YNAB) has been making waves for a while. It’s available on multiple platforms and devices and takes a unique approach to budgeting that has been repeatedly described as nothing short of “life-changing.” Although YNAB is one of the more expensive apps on this list with an annual fee of $50, the bang is worth your buck because YNAB not only offers basic income and expense monitoring but also sage advice to help relieve financial burdens and make your money work for you. As an added bonus, YNAB offers a free trial period, so you can always give it a whirl before you commit.

YNAB is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets and online. To learn more about YNAB visit: https://www.youneedabudget.com.

11. Best App For Relaxing: Headspace

After a busy day chasing the kids, you need some downtime to unwind. Headspace can help! Headspace was designed by scientists and doctors to help you relax in just 10 minutes a day. Making it perfect for even the busiest of us. Headspace uses a combination of meditation and mindfulness to help you relax, inspire your creativity, and improve your focus. Headspace has an annual fee of $70, but they offer a ten-day free trial. So you can check it out before you buy it. However, once you see how well this app works, you’ll see it’s worth every penny.

Headspace is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Store, Android phones and tablets, Nook, Amazon, and online. To learn more about Headspace visit: https://www.headspace.com.

12. Best App For Fitness: MyFitnessPal

Trying to stay fit can be a tough challenge for Moms. We’re so busy taking care of our children; we often forget to take care of ourselves. MyFitnessPal can change that. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter, diet tracker, and exercise journal.

MyFitnessPal helps you make and achieve your fitness goals, has a database on over 1,000,000 different foods, and can integrate with any diet you’re on from Atkins to Paleo. Plus MyFitnessPal is completely free, so there’s no reason not to get started today!

MyFitnessPal is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Store, Android phones and tablets, and online. For more information about MyFitnessPal visit: www.myfitnesspal.com.

13. Best App For Pregnancy: iPregnancy

13 Best Essential Apps For Moms

If you are looking for a great app to track all the milestones of pregnancy, iPregnancy is a wonderful app only available on Apple devices. It was designed by an OB/GYN to help mommies-to-be manage every aspect of their pregnancy. iPregnancy tracks all the big moments in your little one’s development, while also helping you stay organized by managing your OB visits. The app is loaded with tips and advance and even includes a baby name picker. So if you are expecting, check out this comprehensive app.

iPregnancy is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. For more information on iPregnancy visit: www.myfitnesspal.com.

There you have it: The top thirteen essential apps for Moms. From planning next week’s meals to getting through a chaotic Tuesday morning, these are sure to make you feel like you’re going places and not just spinning your wheels.

However, this list would be incomplete without mentioning some worthy runners-up. Check out Evernote for all your note-taking needs. Feedly is a great option to consolidate your social media feed, blog posts, and news articles. Also Pocket is perfect for the Mom who is constantly and persistently interrupted. It lets you put recipes, products, and stories in your “pocket” so you can return to them later on. So take a minute to check these apps out as well!