Back-To-School Essentials To Send Your Kids Off In Style

Ready to send your kids back-to-school? We have the best back-to-school essentials to make sure they head off in style and are ready for anything. Check out this list of must-haves for both you and your kids:

Back-To-School Supplies

Every kid needs certain supplies to get them through the school year. Here are a few items we think are to die for:



Funky rulers from Lemon Cat Shop. So we know every classroom is sure to have enough rulers to go around, but these wooden key and pencil rulers are too much. They’d be sure to get any kid excited for school.

Correction Tape

correction tape

These sleepy animal correction tapes are essential for any tween or teen. Even mom might have a hard time not buying one of these for herself. For note-taking and in-class testing, these back-to-school tools are a must.



Finding the perfect backpack can be tough business. Luckily Bondka and Fjällräven make it easy with their stylish, comfortable bags. Check out Bondka’s Renown Backpack in Heather Grey from Target. They are great for middle and high schoolers given the durability and size.

With the variety of colors and sweet mountain fox logo, your kids will look great as they head off to classes.

Mini Notebooks

softcover notebookMini notebooks are great for class, work, and home. Send your kids off with one to track homework assignments or get updates from their teachers.

Keep one in your purse to track deadlines, notes, and to-do lists. Poppin sells mini softcover notebooks that fit nicely into a purse or small backpack pocket. They come individually or in a set and in a variety of colors.

Also while you’re at it, why not get a few mini pens to go along.

Pencil Pouch/Coin Purse

striped purse

Whether you need to keep track of your kid’s writing utensils, house keys, or lunch money these handmade, hand-woven pouches are perfect for the job. Pencil pouch, coin purse, whatever your kid uses them as, you can feel good knowing you are supporting women weavers in Guatemala with this purchase.

DIY Lunch Bag

lunch bagsWhether you send your kids off with a full lunch or just a few snacks, this DIY lunch bag is to die for. With adorable fabric, contrast trim, and a cute button clasp, just think how fancy your little one will look toting it around. Plus you won’t have to keep buying brown paper bags all the time.

If DIY is not your style or skill, check out these handmade bags for purchase in similar styles. Artifact Bags handcrafts waxed or duck canvas lunch totes in many colors that are sturdy enough to last the school year and beyond.

Feel Linen sells handmade linen lunch bags, which are stylish and are sure to be easy to clean.

Kids’ Back-To-School Fashion


We cannot get over how cute these little ladies look in their headbands. Double-sided wraps and knot head bands, these little ladies look too cute to be true!

Plus, whether your daughters have long or short hairstyles, these headbands keep their hair out of their face, so they can focus on school and put their best foot forward.


Back-to-school usually means cooler weather, although perhaps not right away. Make sure your kids are warm and ready when the weather does dip down. Check out this adorable Harvest Yoke Sweater from Boden.

We also love a sweet Icelandic-inspired yoked sweater. Some of our other favorites are this pom-pom sweater over a dress or with dark jeans, a quirky moose sweater for the animal lover, or a plain athletic sweatshirt to keep a classic look.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are the biggest trend this Fall and these boy bomber jackets and girl bomber jackets look oh so stylish wearing the trend.

They are great for cool weather. As the temperature drops, you can throw a plain sweater or sweatshirt underneath so your kids stay warm and looking cool.


Throw on some Birkenstocks with a bomber jacket and light jeans and your kid is looking cozy and fashionable.

When the weather gets colder, trade in those Birks for nice trainers or a comfy ankle boot or push the socks and sandals envelope with soft wool socks.

Back-To-School Supplies To Keep You Both Organized

Back-To-School Essentials To Send Your Kids Off In Style

You’ll also want to pick a few things up to keep the both of you organized. Here are some great items to keep your family on track this school year:

Planners for Mom

With all that moms do, sometimes we need a little extra help to keep life organized. Keep your kid’s schedule and your appointments straight with a personalized planner from Karma Paper Company.

They offer different start dates for their planners depending on your needs and personalize the planner with your name. For $36 that’s a steal!

Not sure you want to lug around a planner in your purse?

Try these one-page printable weekly and monthly schedules from Painted Yeti to keep your life in order.

Instantly downloadable, you don’t even have to make a trip to the store. Just print and go!

Alarm Clocks

Going back-to-school usually means getting up earlier than you would like. The same probably goes for your kids. These cool alarm clocks can help them fall asleep and wake up, so you don’t have to.

For younger kids, the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock can help them learn to tell time.

With both analog and digital time displays, games to help teach time, and a built-in night light, it is both educational and functional.

For older kids, the Timex Color Changing Alarm Clock cycles through 7 different colors. It shows indoor temperature, date and day of the week, adjustable snooze, and a 24-hour countdown timer in addition to the alarm. Wake to a buzzer or nature sounds.

For kids in between, check out the Galaxy Alarm Clock. It projects stars onto the ceiling, doubling as a night light for little ones who are scared of the dark.

There are 7 nature sounds to fall asleep and wake to, and you can check the indoor temperature with the click of a button.

Back-to-school shopping can be a fun activity and with these great essentials, you’ll guarantee your kids will be off to a great start this school year!