Holidays tend to sneak up on us. With all the things we juggle as moms, we may have forgotten to put together a Halloween costume for our kiddos. Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of fun last minute, no-sew costumes you can make with your kids the day of Halloween. Instead of running around trying to make the best of the picked-over selection at the costume store, grab your grab supplies and make one of these fifteen easy DIY Halloween costumes!

Adorable Animal Costumes

15 No-Sew Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Children love animals, so they make a perfect Halloween costume. Not only will they look adorable, they’ll have a ton of fun pretending to be the animal while you trick-or-treat! Here are our favorite no-sew animal costumes.

1. Lion

If you kid wants to have a roaring good time this Halloween, make this super easy lion costume. The mane use thick wool and takes just minutes to make. This costume can also be used for a Wizard of Oz family themed costume.


2. Lamb

This little lamb costume will make your little one even cuddlier. It’s a simple project where you glue cotton balls onto a hoodie make the sheep’s wool.

Sporting this adorable costume, your child won’t feel sheepish while trick-or-treating.


3. Bat

Whether you use this easy to make cape for a bat costume or as a cape for a Batman or Batgirl outfit, this great pattern will only take you minutes to put together. Plus, unlike other bat capes, this DIY attaches right to your kids arms so they can flap from house to house while they trick-or-treat.


4. Skunk

A perfect costume for your little stinker, this super simple skunk uses a feather boa on top of black pajamas to make the skunk stripe. This has to be one of the cutest animal costumes we’ve ever seen!


5. Shark

Kids love sharks and this DIY will help them hunt the neighborhood for delicious treats. The best part about this costume is that it’s so cute it can be worn after Halloween.

Simply attach a fin and some teeth onto a grey hoodie and your child can take a big bite of their Halloween candy!



Favorite Character Costumes

15 No-Sew Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Children love to be their favorite cartoon and movie characters for Halloween. With all the licensing rights, character costumes can be really expensive. So even if you aren’t making a last minute costume, these DIYs are a way for your kids to be what they want for Halloween without putting a huge dent in your pocket book.

6. Carebears

Carebears are favorite costume among younger kids. This easy DIY can make your child any of their favorite Carebear characters. You can even customize it so they can be a Carebear character they imagined.


7. Star Wars Jedis

No need to master the force to make a great Star Wars costume. With this DIY, you can make a super easy Jedi tunic for any of your young Padawans. Pair with a toy lightsaber and your kids will be able to use their Jedi mind tricks to collect all the candy they want!


8. Favorite Superhero

You can DIY any of your child’s favorite superheroes with some simple felt and crafting skills. This creative mommy blogger shows how to make all of the most popular superheroes with an easy costume design that can be modified to whatever your child wants to be!


9. Elsa From Frozen

What little girl doesn’t want to be Elsa from Frozen? Even if you get to the store on time, they may be sold out of this popular costume. Don’t worry, you can let it go by making this quick and gorgeous Elsa cape that your child will love!


10. Minecraft Knight

For your gamer child, this Minecraft Knight is the perfect custom. With a few simple mods on craft foam, your child will be able to will be able to turn on adventure mode and go trick-or-treating


Unusual Costumes

If you are looking for something a little different for your child’s Halloween costume, check out one of these unusual DIY Halloween costumes.

11. Doughnut

This sweetly simple DIY doughnut costume uses pool noodle pieces on a blow up inner tube. Hang around your child’s neck and the will look at delicious as all the Halloween candy they collect this year!


12. Fluffy White Cloud*

This adorably fluffy costume makes your child look like a puffy white cloud. Super-simple to make and almost too cute, in this fluffy cloud costume your kid be able to float breezily from house to house to collect candy.


*Protip: You can use the same materials to make a cotton candy costume. Simply spray the batting pink and top with a paper cone hat.


13. Lego

What kid doesn’t love Legos? It doesn’t take much skill to build this simple Lego costume.

Just some cardboard, paint, and a little building ingenuity and your child will be able to go trick-or-treating from block to block as a block.


14. Snail

We love this imagination of the mom who came up super clever snail costume!

Dress your kid in this costume this Halloween and they’ll be sure to leave a snail trail when going from house to house!


15. Bubblegum Machine

Halloween is all about the candy, so why not dress your kiddo like a candy dispenser?

This easy DIY is made with balloons. This site also has some other clever ideas for no-sew balloon costumes.