15 Cute Pinecone Crafts For Kids Just In Time For Fall

Fall is finally here and it’s time start crafting! Pinecone crafts are a great fall crafting idea because it gets your kids outside to enjoy the last of the warm weather. Plus, pinecones are free! So all of these crafts are budget-friendly. Here are 15 of the cutest pinecone crafts for kids!

Some Quick Pinecone Crafting Tips

15 Cute Pinecone Crafts For Kids Just In Time For Fall

Before you get started crafting, you’ll want to clean and sanitize the pinecones you collected. Here are instructions to make sure that you get all the dirt, germs, and critters off your pine cones so you can get to crafting safely: http://www.houseofhepworths.com/2010/05/04/christmas-in-may/

Also, many of these pinecone crafts require painting the pinecones which can be a messy undertaking. Here is a DIY hack for an easy, mess-free way for you and your kids to paint your pinecones: http://town-n-country-living.com/how-to-paint-pine-cones.html

Finally, depending on the project you pick, you may need to have your pinecones open or closed. Here’s an educational science experiment you can do with your kids to get your pine cones to look exactly how you want before you get to crafting. As a bonus it will teach your children about how pine cones interact with water: http://parentingchaos.com/why-do-pine-cones-open-and-close/

1. Pinecone Crown And Wand

pinecone crown and wand

With just a little ribbon, paint, glue, and a small tree branch, your kids can be fall forest royalty with this simple pinecone crown and wand.

Source: http://playtivities.com/

2. Pinecone Flower Magnets


These flower magnets are a great way to display your children’s refrigerator artworks. You will have to help your kids with this one because it requires cutting the pinecones and using a hot glue gun..

Source: http://www.thepaintedhinge.com/

3. Pinecone Teddy Bear

teddy bear

This pinecone teddy bear is absolutely adorable. The instructions are in Dutch, but luckily there are some easy step-by-step pictures of the process. You simply glue a series of different sized pinecones together and voila an adorable teddy bear you can display on the fireplace mantle or a bookshelf in your child’s room.

Source: http://de-gulle-aarde.blogspot.nl/

4. Felt And Pinecone Elves


We are swooning over these adorable felt and pinecone elves. They’d make a great Christmas gift or tree decoration. This project is better for older kids because there is some sewing and a hot glue gun.

Source: https://liagriffith.com/

5. Pinecone Roses


For a creative fall centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, consider making these beautiful pine cone roses. Simply paint the pinecones, attach them to sticks, and display in your favorite vase.

Source: http://www.creativegreenliving.com/

6. Fall Pinecone Mobile


This gorgeous pinecone mobile incorporates other found nature items like twigs, acorns, and physalis. Strong together, these make a wonderful seasonal decoration for any kid’s room, but beautiful enough you’ll want to hang it in your living room.

Source: http://www.redtedart.com/

7. Faux Succulent Garden


Succulents are a huge home decor trend right now, but they can be a bit of a pain to take care of especially if you are busy with your kids. Instead of buying succulents, you can paint pinecones to look just like the real thing. Place in a frame for a vertical garden or just place in small flowerpots for a simple decor item.

Source: http://www.kenarry.com/

8. Abstract Pinecone Painting


Not only can you make crafts out of pinecones, you can use pinecones to make crafts. You kids can make a gorgeous abstract painting by using a pinecone as a brush. This project can be a little messy though, so make sure you lay down a protective surface before you get started.

Source: http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/

9. Pinecone Garland


Pinecone garland can be easily incorporated into your home’s fall or winter decor. Simply string pinecones together on yarn and hang.

For added style, you can paint the pinecones however you want before stringing them together.

Source: http://www.hgtv.com/

10. Nature Craft Wall Hangings


Nature Craft Wall Hangings is a fun craft for tweens. Stringing glass beads together with a pinecone at the end makes a funky wall art that would go great in any room.

Make them as long or short as you’d like, the design is completely up to you!

Source: http://www.mericherry.com/

11. Scented Painted Pinecones


Scented pinecones are a fall home staple. This project uses scented paint made with simple household ingredients to make deliciously scented and beautifully decorate pinecones to keep your fall home looking and smelling great!

Source: http://www.sowsproutplay.com/

12. Pinecone Zinnias


When painted, the bottoms of pinecones look just like zinnia flowers. This craft may require a little help from you because you have to cut the pinecones in half.

However, once cut, your kids can paint away. Display in a bowl or bunch together into a wreath for a great faux floral arrangement.

Source: http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/

13. Skiing Pinecone Snowman


This skiing pinecone snowman is a super fun craft you’ll want to make together.

Display on a small mound of batting for a perfect winter scene, hang as an ornament from your tree, or make a couple for your kids to give as gifts to their friends.

Source: http://craftsbyamanda.com/

14. Pinecone Animals


There are so many different kinds of animals you can make with pinecones. Using felt, paint pom poms, feathers, googly eyes, and construction paper you are only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few of our favorite pinecone animals to give you and your children some inspiration:

15. Pinecone Bird Feeders


Pinecone bird feeders are probably the most classic pinecone craft of all time. Simply spread peanut butter on your pinecone, roll in birdseed, and hang on a tree outside.

Make sure you place the bird feeder by your window, so you and your kids can watch for birds who come to eat.

Source: http://www.theoutdoorparent.com/