If you’re looking to set up your first nursery room, you may find a lot of the options on the market do not match your overall design aesthetic. Most baby furniture is very traditional looking, which can be a turn off it you love modern design. We love modern nurseries at Ultimate Mom, so we put together a great shopping list of some of the most modern nursery decor items you can use in baby’s room. Check out our 20 favorites:

Cribs And Bassinets

Cribs and Bassinets are the biggest feature of your baby’s room. You want them to be stylish, but also comfortable enough for baby to sleep soundly in them. Here are our favorite cribs and bassinets.

1. Vetro Crib:


The Vetro Crib is the first 100% recyclable, non-toxic acrylic crib on the market. This smart design is not only eco-friendly but also adds a sharp modern edge to any nursery.

As an added bonus, the clear acrylic sides helps you see baby clearly from any angle, making it easy to check on baby during nap time. Making the Vetro Crib not only functional but also beautiful!

Buy it at Nursery Works for $4500.

2. Roh Crib One-Side Acrylic And Walnut:


The Roh Crib is another acrylic and wood option. Like the Vetro it is also 100% recyclable and contain BPA and phthalate-free materials to reduce toxic exposure. The luxurious design will add to the chic look of any modern nursery.

Also the acrylic sides make it easy to check in on baby. Lined with some crisp white linens and this crib will be a standout piece in your modern nursery. Plus, at around $2000 the price on this crib could not be better for such an elegant piece.

It’s yours from Spot on Square for $1,999.

3. Babyletto Bingo 3-In-1 Convertible Crib And Storage Combo:


If you are a fan of midcentury modern, this 3-in-1 convertible crib is for you. The slick natural wood, white, and mint colors make this a sleek addition to a mid-century modern nursery. Plus the storage cubes on the side, reduce the amount of furniture pieces you need so you can keep the space minimal. The mint green will go perfect with any decor and will be a lovely addition to your baby’s nursery.

Buy it from Modern Nursery for $549.

4. Nursery Works Gradient Crib:


For a truly stand out design piece, check out this modern gradient crib from Nursery Works. Made from solid maple wood, this crib creates a 3-D effect with asymmetrical slats.

This crib is a great addition to a naturalist modern nursery because it’s organic design pulls right from Mother Nature. Though it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other pieces, the solid construction and knockout design are worth the heavy sticker price.

Offered at All Modern for $7,500.

5. Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser in Natural:


The multi-functional Babyletto 3-Drawer Changer Dresser boasts beautiful mid-century modern styling that looks great in any nursery. Versatile and compact design features a removable changing tabletop, three drawers, and a storage cabinet with shelving. It comes in natural and white wood finish.

Offered at Buy Buy Baby for $379.99

6. Nursery Works Novella 4-In-1 Convertible Crib:


One of the most wallet-friendly options, the Novella 4-in-1 crib from Nursery Works provides an elegant modern design and a functionality that will last well into their childhood years.

This crib starts with a great price point and continues to save you money as it later transforms into a toddler bed, then a child bed, keeping it’s modern edge through the length of your child’s youth. This crib is also built to be extremely sturdy with its bridle joinery and solid steel legs and will stand up to some serious wear and tear.

All Modern provides this convertible crib for $1,150.

7. Incy Interiors Ellie Crib:


Rose Gold is the “it” color of the moment and this modern crib makes beautiful use of it. Though the design of the crib is slightly more traditional, the colors and materials make it an extremely versatile piece that would look gorgeous in any modern nursery.

This on-trend crib is truly a modern luxe piece that will let baby feel elegant and pampered in their nursery. Beyond it’s great appearance, it’s also extremely sturdy and has two mattress heights for easy baby access.

Grab it from Modern Nursery for $799.

8. Ubabub Pod Crib:


The Ubabud Pod Crib is really a unique piece. This funky crib would look great in a whimsical modern nursery or a nursery that incorporate Scandinavian modern design. This eco-friendly crib also has acrylic panels so you can watch baby sleep.

The sweet laser-cut floral details add a great design element while still be small and safe enough to not trap baby’s little fingers. The Ubabud crib also has a great price point so it’s a wonderful option to look at when designing a budget-friendly modern nursery.

Snag this one-of-a-kind crib at 2Modern for $1,955.

9. Norse Bassinet:


If you are looking for a sweet bassinet for your young infant, which also comes with a warm modern design, the Norse Bassinet is perfect for you.

It has a beautiful walnut veneer which gives it the warm rich feeling of wood grain. The Scandinavian-inspired design looks clean and modern allowing it to fit into the design of any room in your home.

Find it for sale for $699 at The Land of Nod.

Rocking Chairs

Another essential element for your nursery is a rocking chair. These great rocking chairs boost modern design, while still being comfortable enough for you to spend hours rocking baby comfortably to sleep. Here are our picks for modern rocking chairs:

10. Joya Rocking Chair:


The Joya Rocking Chair is comfortable and cozy. The neutral grey upholstery and solid walnut legs make it an easy piece to have in mind when designing your nursery. For extra comfort, coordinate the rocking chair with the matching Joya Ottoman and kick your feet up while you rock baby to sleep.

The Land of Nod offers this beautiful rocking chair for $1,095.

11. Mid-Century Rocking Chair:


This Mid-Century Rocking chair has hints of 1950’s style but fits perfectly in the modern home. Its smooth edges provide a comfortable easy style. The wheat upholstery and natural wood finish make it compatible with any color palate. The best part about this rocker is once baby grows up, you can move it out to your living room to add to the modern design in your space.

You can also find this rocking chair at the Land Of Nod for $599.

12. Baxton Studio Mid-Century Modern Rocking Chair:


The simplistic ease to the Baxton Studio Mid-Century Modern Rocking Chair makes it compatible with any nursery design. Comfortable and lightweight, it makes rearranging a breeze. Beyond the classic design, the price point on this great chair is also very attractive at just above $100. So no matter what your budget, this is an easy modern piece to add.

Buy yours today at Wayfair for $109.99.

Storage Furniture

Baby has a lot of things from diapers and wipes to clothes to toys. These pieces of storage furniture will help you stay organized, while also keeping your space modern. The best part is these pieces will also grow with your baby, so they are a great long-term investment. Here are our favorite pieces of modern furniture.

13. Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser:


Bring a big of the past into your present with the sophisticated design of this Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser. A nod to the iconic ‘50’s and ‘60’s in its simple design and slim legs this dresser knows no age and elevates any room with its antique bronze-finished knobs. This dresser is an absolute classic that you will love so much you’ll want it in your own bedroom.

Buy it at West Elm for $999.

14. Baby Relax Miles Dresser Campaign Dresser:


If you are looking for a pop of color to add to baby’s nursery while still keeping the modern edge, the Baby Relax Miles Campaign Dresser is perfect. Not only does this dresser have a great price point, the cadet blue color will fit into any space. This dresser is also extremely budget-friendly and is an affordable investment that will last a long time.

Sold at Target for $329.99.

15. Arch White 6-Drawer Dresser:


This Arch White 6- Drawer dresser has a clean streamlined design that is unassuming yet very charming. The simple metal drawer pulls are perfect for your child’s small hands, so they don’t get their fingers caught. The lacquer finish also adds a solid layer of protection so it will stand the test of time. The simple elegance makes it a great fit for any decorating style, so as your child grows and your taste changes, you can still incorporate this modern piece into their room.

Available for purchase at Crate & Barrel for $799.99

16. Drawer Mid-Century Modern Kids Nightstand:


This retro inspired nightstand is perfect for small storage or for storing all those fun keepsakes your child collects. The best part is that it is child-sized, so the drawer can easily be accessed as baby grows up. It comes in your choice of three different colors to match any bedroom look and the low price point cannot be beat!

Get it at Target for $79.99.

17. KidKraft Modern Table:


This adorable KidKraft Modern Table is perfect for craft activities, meals, or playtime. The mesh storage hole in the center is a great place to house your child’s favorite playthings. The simple design makes this an easy modern addition to any nursery. The best part about this table is the fun whimsical look that evokes childhood cartoons, but is still sleek and elegant enough to fit into a modern space.

Get it at Kohl’s for $101.99

Nursery Decor

Beyond just getting your furniture pieces, you’ll want to pick out some fun decor items to really add personality to the space. Here are some of our favorite modern nursery decor items:

18. Baby Animal Nursery Art Prints:


Erin and Josh of PaperLlamas take cute to a whole new level with their baby animal art.

You get to select any six animals from their collection. The prints come on beautiful canvas that will stand the test of time and you get to choose the size!

Prices vary based on size and number of prints desired. The listed prints here start at $54.00 on Etsy.

19. The Mini Barn Owl Dream Catcher:


This handmade Mini Barn Owl Dream Catcher is made to order and truly unique. Filter out your little one’s bad dreams so that only the good reach their precious minds. The dream catcher is made with natural wood accents, feathers, and a crystal to bring good energy.

Want to incorporate something else in the design? Just ask the designer!

Made with care by TheDreamWeaver on Etsy for $40.00.

20. Gender-Neutral Baby Mobile:


The Blake-Neutral Mobile is a handmade item that is customized to reflect your baby’s personality and style.

This modern mobile is made from a combination of felt balls, twine cubes, and yarn cubed ornaments. You also have the option to personalize it with your baby’s initials!

Design your mobile with Avenue89 on Etsy for $50.00.

So when putting together your nursery, don’t settle for items that don’t match your style. Instead, grab some of these 20 gorgeous pieces to keep that modern design sensibility in all your rooms.