Finding wall art for your home can be difficult and expensive. Instead why not get together with your kids to DIY so gorgeous works of art you will be proud to display? We’ve rounded up our twenty favorite DIY wall art projects that are easy enough that kids can help but gorgeous enough that you’ll want to hang it in your living room.

20 Gorgeous Wall Art Crafts For Kids

So grab your kiddos, craft supplies, and get making these beautiful masterpieces.

1. DIY Flower Wall Art


This project is a great way to use old scraps of fabric or upcycle your family’s old clothes. Fabric petals are laid out beautifully across a painted canvas to make a gorgeous work of art for any room of your house.

The best part of this incredibly easy project is that you can customize it to fit any room decor by choosing different patterns, colors, and canvas size. We love the idea of making three of these and hanging them in a grouping above the living room sofa.

Source: Canvas Designz

2. Upcycled Magazine Wall Art


If you’ve got old magazines, catalogs, or even junk mail cluttering up your home, don’t chuck them in the recycling bin! Turn them into this gorgeous piece of wall art.

Simply pick a silhouette of anything you and your children love then roll and glue strips of paper into place. These clever bloggers mounted the silhouettes on old plywood but you could also use painted canvas for a more formal look and to add extra color to your creation.

Source: Brit & Co

3. Easy Hexagon Wall Treatment


If you want to bring a modern pop to a room, this easy hexagon wall treatment is perfect. Hexagons, painted in a variety of your favorite colors, will dress up any bland wall space.

The crafters behind this great idea sell hexagon forms on their Etsy page but you could easily cut them out yourself with a jigsaw or simply use scissors and colored cardstock for an even easier project. You can also do different shapes or patterns; the design is only limited by your imagination.

Source: My Sister’s Suitcase

4. Fabric Quote Banner


This is a sweet and chic way to display positive messages around your home. Pick out your favorite quote and iron it right onto this easy to sew banner. Then hang wherever you and your family to can use some inspiration! Not great at sewing? No worries!

You can still make this great wall art just follow the instructions at Zana Products. They even threw in a free printable so you can make the one off the website. We love the idea of making a couple of these and hanging them in a grouping for extra visual impact with the perk of positive motivation.

Source: Homemade Ginger

5. DIY Photo Mobile With Printic


Looking for a unique way to display your family photos? Tired of looking at group frames? Want to easily change out your favorite pictures? This DIY Photo Mobile is the perfect project for you!

Part banner, part mobile, but all style; this mobile is an eye-catching way to show off your favorite family photos in a funky and modern way. It’s super simple to make and can be custom-tailored to match any decor. You can even trade out the triangles for diamonds, hearts, or any of your family’s other favorite shapes.

Source: Hey Wanderer

6. DIY Abstract Art With A Golden Touch


This will be a really fun project to do together if any of your children love glitter. The best part about this project is that it requires zero artistic abilities.

The messier you get, the better the art will look. So go ahead and let your kiddos finger paint an abstract portrait then toss a dash of glitter on top and voila, a chic, expensive-looking masterpiece. Just think of the fun you’re kids will have making messy, glittery, abstract art!

Source: Lolly Jane

7. Puffy Paint Canvas


Looking for a way to use your leftover puffy paint? This easy DIY makes a fun textured canvas out of your favorite pattern. Simply traced the pattern in puffy paint and glue right onto a canvas.

You can also try free handing a design right onto the canvas. Then paint your masterpiece of leave it how it is. There is so much flexibility with this fun project, you’ll easily be able to match any design style.

Source: Virginia and Charlie

8. Pop Art Pet Portrait


Give your favorite pet the Andy Warhol treatment with this incredibly easy printable pop art portrait. Take your favorite portrait and print it out on bright color paper, cut out the silhouette and then mount it on another bold colored sheet.

You can even make four of them to mimic the famous Marilyn Monroe painting. You can also use the same treatment with a family portrait for a truly personal pop art piece.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

9. DIY Painted Feathers


This beautiful project can be integrated into any wall art you can imagine. Hang from a mobile, mount in a frame, or simply hang by itself on the wall.

These beautiful painted feathers are a blast to make and children can get creative imaging what kind of birds these colorful plumage comes from. The best part about this project is that it is super low cost but has a big impact.

Source: BLDG 25

10. DIY Agate Inspired Art


Put down the paintbrushes and pick up a piece of scrap cardboard to make this beautiful art. By creating varying streaks of color with the torn edge of your cardboard, you can create a masterpiece that looks like the expensive agate artwork that is extremely popular right now.

The best part about this project is you can also teach your a little bit about geology by explaining how agate forms so many colorful layers.

Source: Jennifer Rizzo

11. Magnetic Scrabble Board


Want a gorgeous piece of artwork that is also a fun game for the whole family? Make this magnetic Scrabble board. Gluing magnets on the back of Scrabble tiles and displaying them in a frame makes a great conversation piece.

Plus, as you go through your busy day you and your children can stop a play a word. You can also use the tiles to spell out poetry, quotes, or a list of chores, whatever you want with this functional, but beautiful game board.

Source: The Twice Remembered Cottage

12. DIY Watercolor Pixel Painting


If you or your children aren’t particularly great artists, this is the perfect project for your family. Simply pixelated a picture you love then paint the individual boxes in the same colors.

When you are up close to the painting you’ll see a beautiful modern work of art, but stand away and you and your painting will transform into a perfect representation of the object you picked. Go ahead and think big on this project, the bigger the picture, the more realistic it will look from the other side of the room.

Source: Wit And Whistle

13. DIY Yarn Art


Fiber art crafts are all the rage right now. If you want to make a gorgeous fiber art wall hanging but neither you nor your kids have the patience or time to make a macramé hanging, this project is ideal.

You simply tie a rainbow pattern of yarn to an old tree branch then trim the pieces into an interesting pattern. The best part is this is a great project for using all those small leftover scraps of yarn you have hanging around your house.

Source: Oleander + Palm

14. Rock Collection Wall Art


Does your kid love collecting rocks? Clear up the clutter by displaying their favorite rocks as wall art. Simply mount and label their rocks and you have a beautiful piece of artwork that also doubles as a geology lesson.

This project works for other small collections that children love too. You can mount anything from small toys to sticks to bugs this way. It will show off your child’s personal taste while also adding a wonderful conversation piece to any blank wall.

Source: Handmade Charlotte

15. Chevron Wood Shim Wall Art


Shims are a great material to work with. They are super inexpensive to buy but you may already have them lying around from an only project. By painting them a variety of beautiful colors and staggering them in a chevron you can make a bold pop art wall decoration that can go in any room of the house. If you don’t like chevron, check out this list from Saved By Love Creations of all different kinds of wood shim artwork. We love the shim flowers and the Eiffel Tower.

Source: East Coast Creative

16. Song Lyric Wall Art


Do you have an old piece of artwork lying around that you just don’t like anymore? This upcycling project is the perfect DIY for you. Simply stencil on your favorite song lyric or quote and then paint the whole canvas, leaving just the old image inside the letters. If you don’t have a piece of art lying around your house that you don’t like, you can easily pick something up at a thrift store or salvage yard for cheap.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

17. Chevron Paint Chip Art


When you are decorating your home, you can end up with a stack of paint samples. Rather than just throwing these into the recycling bin, consider turning them into a beautiful piece of artwork. Cut these into chevron patterns with your children and line them up to make a bold rainbow artwork. The best part is that the artwork will already match your design style because they are leftover from when you painted your room. If chevron isn’t your style, you can also make this Rainbow Paint Chip Heart Art from iHeart Organizing or this Pixelated Paint Chip Wall Art from A Beautiful Mess.

Source: Love Hue Home

18. Simple Textured Wall Art With String


This project is extremely fun for kids, but will leave you with a gorgeous result. Mixing wet string and glue kids can swirl, smear, and spread string all over a canvas to make a cool abstract texture. Once it’s dry you paint the canvas and the string and you are left with a bold textural statement piece that will look gorgeous displayed over your mantel. This project has a lot of flexibility because you can lay out the pattern however you’d like and mix and match paint colors to your room decor.

Source: BluKatKraft

19. Modern Crayon Art


If you’re looking for a great way to reuse old bits of crayon, this project is perfect. Pouring melted, swirled crayons onto a piece of glass or clear acrylic makes a cool stained glass-like art piece. You can also make patterns, press the melted crayon between to piece of glass, or used bits of shaved crayons to add texture. We love the idea of hanging this on a blank white wall to bright up the whole room.

Source: HGTV

20. Unbelievably Easy Painter’s Tape Wall Art


This is another great hands on project your children can get really messy with. Layout a cool pattern in tape on a canvas. Then let your kids go to town and paint whatever they want.

They can paint with brushes, color with markers, and even finger paint. Then once the paint is dry, peel back the painter’s tape to reveal a fabulous abstract art piece that will look like it was made by a professional painter.

Source: DIY Joy

These great wall art projects are fun to make with your kids, but they are so clever and beautiful you will actually want to display them in your home.

So if you are looking for something unique to add to your decor, don’t buy something at the store. Try one of these great crafts for kids and you’ll not only add a personal touch to your fabulous home decor, but you’ll get to spend some real quality time with your family.