Helpful Tips To Organize Your Craft Supplies

Helpful Tips To Organize Your Craft Supplies

If your family is anything like ours, you love to craft! You’ll spend hours digging around on Pinterest to find the perfect project to do together. You have the inventory of your favorite craft store memorized. Most of all though, you love the quality time you spend with your kids making fun keepsakes together. However, the downside of being a crafty family is that you can quickly amass a lot of craft supplies that can easily take over your house. Don’t worry, Ultimate Mom has you covered! Here are some helpful tips to organize your craft supplies so you can spend more time making and less time stress about the mess!

Start By Downsizing

I know, I know. Downsizing is one of our least favorite words, especially when it comes to our beloved craft supplies! However, you have to admit there are a lot of things left in your craft kit that you don’t need like dried bottles of acrylic paint, tiny paper scraps, and colored pencil nubs. You’ll never use these things so it’s time to say goodbye. Another great trick to help you downsize, it to quickly survey what supplies you have and make a pledge not to buy any new supplies until you’ve used up some of your old supplies. This can be a bit of a challenge, but if you get your kids to help you brainstorm, you’ll be surprised at what fun, imaginative ideas you guys come up with together!

Evaluate Your Space

Helpful Tips To Organize Your Craft Supplies

The next step is to consider your space. If you are big crafters, you should consider having a dedicated space for all your supplies. So look around the house and see what space you have you can store your supplies. Go ahead and think a little unconventionally. One crafter I know keeps all her supplies in an unused linen closet, another keeps them all in her dresser, and we use our dining room as dual-purpose eating/crafting room. If you are fortunate enough to have a little extra space in your home, maybe it’s time you turn that old storage room in the basement into a craft space.

Use Your Crafter’s Eye To Come Up With Storage Solutions

The best part about being a crafter is that we can see the potential in everyday objects. So put your crafter’s eye to good use! You don’t have to buy all your storage containers. Instead, think about the everyday objects around your house that you aren’t using. Dig throw your junk draw, hunt through your storage area, and scour your recycling bin for objects you can repurpose as easy storage solutions. If you need some great tips, spend a moment on your favorite craft site for DIY storage options. There are so many great ideas. We love this ribbon storage box made out of an old cardboard shoebox, this marker caddy made with old toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and this shower caddy made into hanging craft supply storage. Use your imagination and don’t forget to use some of those excess supplies to decorate your new storage items.

Shopping Tips For Buying Craft Storage

In some cases, you may not want to make your storage. So there may be a few pieces you’ll have to buy. You can go to your local craft store and buy all kinds of dedicated craft storage for whatever supplies you have. However, if you want to save a little money, we have some great tips for you. For example instead of buying bead containers, buy hardware containers buy a hardware container from a local hardware for much less. They may not be as pretty as the storage at the craft store, but that’s why you have glitter glue and decoupage. Another tip is to buy storage containers from Ikea or Target. In this case, not only are they more affordable, but they are often more attractive than the plastic and melamine containers you’d get at the craft store for more.

Repurpose An Old Piece Of Furniture

If you don’t have the space to dedicate a whole craft room, consider dedicated a piece of furniture. We’ve all seen those gorgeous craft storage furniture pieces and have maybe even daydreamed about picking one up until we saw the price tag. However, just like with the smaller storage, we can use our crafter’s eye and DIY spirit to upcycle an older piece of furniture into a great craft storage unit. You can hit a thrift store or a local flea market but you may have something around your home you can use. We love this idea of using an old television armoire that we all bought and then got rid of once we got the new flat screen. We also love what this crafter did with an ugly old inherited kitchen hutch. There are some really innovative ideas like this upgraded file cabinet or who knew a repurposed bed spring could look so cool and be functional. The storage possibilities are endless with a little imagination.

Get To Work!


Helpful Tips To Organize Your Craft SuppliesHonestly, the hardest part about organizing your craft supplies is trying not to get distracted. Between the leftover materials reminding you of a favorite craft you did with your children to the temptation to just forget it and start crafting, it can be easy to drop the organization for something more fun. So stay focused. If it’s too hard, set small goals. Today you organize your paints; tomorrow you organize your scrapbook paper. Also, get your kids involved. They’ll have fun sorting things by color and shape and you’ll be so busy making sure they stay on track, you’ll forget to get distracted yourself!

Organizing your craft supplies can seem like a big task when you are a crafty family. However, if you follow these easy tips, keep your crafter’s eye on solutions, and get creative, organizing can actually be fun. The best part is once you’re done, you’ll know what all craft supplies you have and will be inspired to make something truly special for your next project.

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