20 Smartphone Apps To Teach You New Skills In 2017

20 Smartphone Apps To Teach You New Skills In 2017

The New Year provides new opportunities to learn new skills. Unfortunately, as busy Moms, we don’t always have time to pursue our interests. Luckily though, app developers understand this and have come up with a great variety of apps that you can use right on your phone to pick up anything you could want to learn from crafting to money management. So this year why not pick up something you’ve always wanted to learn right from your phone!

Here are twenty smartphone apps that can teach you new skills in 2017:

1. Learn A Second Language With Duolingo

Duolingo is a great way to learn a new language and it’s a free download. The lessons are set up like playing a game. You lose a life when you get something wrong and gain points when you get something right. You can learn how to speak, read, write, and comprehend any of the 21 languages that are offered. The best part is you can learn at your own pace and with the freedom of mobility you can do it anywhere you have a few spare moments to login.

2. Learn Sign Language With The ASL App

Start learning American Sign Language today with this app created by hearing impaired people. The app features multiple unique bundles for any situation you could want to learn. It has over 450 videos and is designed so that you can practice one handed, which is perfect when you’re using your other hand to hold your phone. The ASL app’s goal is to build your confidence to have a conversation with anyone about any topic.

3. Learn How To Draw With Artist Matt Busch

Matt Busch is a Hollywood acclaimed illustrator bringing his knowledge, talent, and expertise to you in this interactive app. You control how in depth you want to take each lesson with over three-dozen tips per tutorial. You learn multiple angles to draw both male and female characteristics. You’ll want to have pencil and paper ready as you follow along to his lessons. If you have an iPad that can handle split screen multitasking and Sketchbook you can draw within the app. For just $1.99 you can start learning to improve your drawing skills today.

4. Learn To Play Piano With Joy Tunes

Joy Tunes consists of a team of internationally known musicians so you can be sure you’re learning from the best. It’s completely wireless so you can play as you go through each tutorial on a keyboard or on a traditional piano. There are thousands of songs to learn to play in several genres from classical to top forty. The app provides a tutorial that is accessible to any skill level and boasts five million users worldwide.

5. Learn The Basics Of Photography With Photography 101

20 Smartphone Apps To Teach You New Skills In 2017

This free app downloadable to iOs users is a great way to sharpen your photography skills. It offers more than twelve insightful video tutorials. It even gives a fair review of the iPhone 4 camera, Canon Rebel T3i, and T3 cameras. The introductory tutorials will provide you with the foundations for depth of field, lighting, and composition. This app is sure to help you sharpen your skills.

6. Learn Calligraphy With Calligraphy Handbook

The beautiful practice of calligraphy is right at your fingertips with this app. You’ll watch slow deliberate strokes meant to help you as you practice the art. A person of any skill level will have no trouble following along in these lessons. Honing the art of calligraphy will not only teach you how to write beautifully but it will help instill the virtues of patience and attention to detail. This app is free and available on iTunes.

7. Learn To Knit With Knitting Lessons

20 Smartphone Apps To Teach You New Skills In 2017

Learning to knit has never been easier with this excellent app available for Android. This knitting app provides step by step instructions close up to demonstrators hands so you won’t miss any details. You’ll learn the basics and how to start knitting patterns. The videos are fun so you’ll be a knitting pro in just a matter of days. You’ll also have access to crocheting and sewing tips. This app so absolutely free, so why not get started today!

8. Learn To Sew With Sewing Tutorials For Beginners

Sewing can seem intimidating but you’ll gain confidence with this app. The in depth videos will guide you from the most basic techniques up to quilting. You’ll learn how to sew a straight seam, how to eliminate knot tying when sewing, and how to pattern sew. Learning to sew is practical and fun once you get the rhythm of it. Through the help of this app the only thing you’ll find intimidating about sewing is how to select the best sewing machine. The app is available for Android operating systems only.

9. Learn To Make Origami With Origami Instructions

The Japanese art of origami is characterized by small details in the way a piece of paper is folded. It takes patience and persistence. This app will take you through each fold and crease. You’ll sit down with a sheet of paper and end up with the animal you chose to form. The videos allow you to pause at your own leisure and rewind if you feel you missed a step at any time. People will be amazed at what you have learned to accomplish. This app is only available to Android users.

10. Learn Paper Quilling With How To Quill

Paper quilling is the art of shaping strips of paper into decorative designs. This app will teach you how to roll, loop, curl and twist strips of paper to create beautiful works of art. People will be amazed that small strips of paper were used to create 3-D miniatures and flowers. It doesn’t take much to get started either. This app starts you out with the basics so all you’ll need is the slotted quilling tool, glue, and some colored paper. You’ll begin with basic shapes so bring your determination and your patience to the first part of the app. The second part of the app will start showing you how to bring those shapes together to make postcards, jewelry, and a host of other artistic compilations. This app is for Apple operating systems.

11. Learn To Garden With Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to spend time outdoors and same money on groceries. However, it can be stressful if you don’t naturally have a green thumb. This app makes gardening accessible to everyone. It’s a free guide for growing over 39 different veggies and fruits from the Royal Horticultural Society. The basic app advises you on what to grow based on your skills and the available space and time. Based on where you live the app will determine when you should be aware of frost and drought.

12. Learn To Make Floral Arrangements With Floristry

This app is essential for flower lovers. This electronic guide has 694 varieties of flowers for you to search, save, and email. You can search for what you’re looking for by name, color, or seasonal availability anywhere in the northern hemisphere. The photographs are large with detailed descriptions provided so it’s easy to identify a follower you might not be sure of. The app also always you to save your favorite flowers as well as send then by email to your friends and florists. Selecting flowers for your garden or for a bouquet is a snap with this app. It’s available for purchase for Apple devices.

13. Learn To Decorate Cakes With Cake Decorating

This cake-decorating app is designed to inspire. It’s full of wonderful ideas to make your cake the centerpiece of any celebration. You’ll be able to scroll through tons of uniquely decorated cakes to get your creative juices flowing. Even if you aren’t a baker you’ll be able to appreciate the visual artistry and talent used in each stunning display. Tag and save your favorites so you can show your baker to add something truly special to your joyous occasion. This app is free and only available for Android users.

14. Learn How To Cook With Cooking Basics With Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman does an astounding job providing a guide to help someone just starting in the kitchen to someone experienced looking to fine tune their skills. The app provides excellent insight on how to set up your kitchen and how to stock your pantry and fridge. Finding the food and recipes you want to prepare is simple because the navigation menu is set up by food type. A Favorites file within the app allows you to tweet your cooking skill progression and create shopping list for the meals you’d like to prepare. The Skills section provides essential details about how to master culinary techniques. Download it today at the Apple App Store.

15. Learn How To Eat Healthier With Fooducate

Nutrition and health can seem overly complicated but Fooducate takes the guesswork out of achieving a balanced diet when weight loss is the ultimate goal. The app allows you to keep track of your eating habits, your exercise routine, and your sleep patterns. It’s so easy. All you have to do is scan the product you are curious about eating and it will provide all the nutritional information about that product that manufacturers don’t tell you. You tailor the app specifically to you and your dietary needs/ restrictions. This free app is available for Apple products only.

16. Learn To Do Yoga With Daily Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax the mind and the body while still burning calories. This app is focused on the weight loss aspect of yoga and will help you achieve your goals. Healthline granted it “Best Yoga App of 2016”. It brings yoga to the user of any level from beginner to advanced. You’ll have access to over 100 yoga classes, a pose library with detailed descriptions, and a supportive community of yogis you can connect with. The basic package is free and available for Apple products. Get started on your goals today!

17. Learn Strength Training With Spitfire Athlete Women’s Fitness Strength Workouts

Strength training can be daunting. It’s hard to know where to start or if you’re performing the technique properly. Women are generally discouraged to utilize strength training for fear of becoming to bulky. This app aims to eliminate that doubt. It sets out to empower women to do anything from completing their first pull-up to lifting their own body weight. The app offers a variety of training options to cater directly to your needs and desired outcomes. The basic package is available for free through the Apple App Store. Try it out!

18. Learn Speed Reading With Accelerated Speed Reading Trainer

This app provides the tools to get you reading faster and more efficiently in as little as 10 days. The program is personalized to cater specifically to your needs, learning style, and pace. The benefits to utilizing this app are invaluable. You’ll learn to better retain information, keep your mind focused, and more accurately understand the reading material. Take knowledge into your hands and reclaim your time by downloading this app. The basic product is free and available on iTunes.

19. Learn Web Development With Udacity

Udacity is an online education destination dedicated to providing affordable higher education to all. They work directly with top employers to tailor your education experience into directly marketable skills. Web development is highly sought after as more companies move to have a more powerful internet presence. Learning to code will make you a valuable asset not matter what career path you ultimately decide to take. Udacity offers classes for any level of skill or knowledge. They’ve even provided a few free courses and a one week free trial so you can see if the particular program is right for you before purchasing. Start preparing for your future today.

20. Learn How To Trade Stocks With TradeHero

The stock market can be a scary place if you’re not sure how to navigate it. TradeHero takes fear and risk out of the equation as you learn how to approach the trade. In the beginning it will allow you to go through stock market simulations without risking your own capital. If you don’t feel you need the tutorials you can jump right in and start trading building your portfolio with the virtual cash the app allots. You can follow other people using the app and utilize their insight. As you progress you can become a TradeHero and share your tips. When people start following you TradeHero will pay you real cash for your efforts. You’ve got nothing to lose to start today!

There are just some of the great educational apps that are available. So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, just dig around on the app market and you’ll be surprised what you can find!